Introduction of Benytech Company

Benytech Co. has been established with the aim of industrialization, improvement of the quality of construction of structures and development of new construction systems and utilizing the power of the country's elite engineers through consulting, designing, supplying materials and construction of construction projects. Application of and development of systems that can improve the safety and health of operators, increase the speed of implementation, reduce construction costs, improve seismic performance, reduce environmental impacts, while also facilitating the achievement of modern architectural concepts, are the goals of the company. In this regard, the research and development unit of this complex has started its activity in the field of modern roofs in 2011 and has succeeded in registering, localizing and developing concrete ceiling slabs. The company has so far been able to achieve hundreds of successful projects and construction indexes with various uses around the country. The willingness of the committed employers to continue to develop their cooperation with this set of the greatest capital and honor, as well as to show the right move towards the development prospects of the company